Terms and Conditions

Orders are accepted and processed subject to the following terms & conditions -

Acceptance of Orders

(1) The placing of an order does not constitute a contract for supply of goods;

(2) We retain the right to refuse acceptance of any order for any reason whatsoever, including without limitation -
(a) where it would be unlawful to supply the goods;
(b) where in our opinion there is a likelihood that payment for the goods will be delayed, disputed or withheld; and
(c) where in our opinion the goods are not being ordered for the purpose of re-sale, or are being ordered for a purpose other than that intended, including without limitation, for the purpose of being incorporated into other products or being used contrary to intellectual property rights.

(3) Upon acceptance of an order by us, a legally binding contract for the sale and supply of goods comes into existence which cannot be cancelled or revoked under any circumstances without our consent.

(4) We may accept an order in part only where it is impracticable to supply some of the goods ordered.

(5) We may accept an order on certain conditions notified to the purchaser, including but not limited to payment being made before the goods are supplied.

Reporting of Overdue Accounts

Should invoices remain wholly or partly unpaid beyond our trading terms, the purchaser hereby agrees that we may report this non-payment to relevant industry bulletins, that we are not responsible for any consequential loss or damage that may arise and that the purchaser indemifies us from any such loss.

Retention of Title

Any goods sold or supplied by us that have not been paid for in full before shipment remain our property and shall be separately identified as our property until all sums owing in respect of those goods have been paid in full. If the purchaser fails to pay for the goods by the due date we may sue the purchaser for the price of the goods as a liquidated sum (without prejudice to any other rights we have and eventhough we have reserved title to the goods).

Limitation of Our Liability

In addition to the terms above, we do not accept any liability for -

(1) Non-delivery of any goods properly shipped by us for whatever reason: in such event, our liability shall be strictly limited to whatever sum may be paid or owed by the postal authorities or other shipping companies based on the level of insurance and compensation provided by them;

(2) Goods opened or damaged or removed or otherwise dealt with by shipping companies, Australia Post or other postal and customs authorities in the country of receipt or in transit;

(3) Any taxes or charges imposed by governments or authorities, such as GST or other value added taxes, fines, levies, penalties, demurrage etc;

(4) Any fees or charges imposed by banks or other financial institutions on any form of payment made to us; and

(5) any consequential loss or damage that may arise from the non-delivery, damage or other loss of goods ordered or supplied or from the imposition of any taxes, fees or charges outlined above.

Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

All customers placing orders with us have thereby accepted these and all and any other Terms and Conditions Of Sale found on this website or provided separately, and submitted themselves to the jurisdiction of the courts of Victoria and Australia and the laws thereof in case of any dispute.